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Soft-Technik Support and ready-made solutions for the furniture industry

Our company is an official distributor of specialist IT systems NET/CAD/CAM/DATA, intended for designing, production and sale of standard and tailor made furniture, i.e. hotel, office, and kitchen furniture, as well as recessed wardrobes and made to measure attic furniture, etc. The web-based NET system makes it possible for the manufacturer to offer its products online along with customized solutions. The company also offers a special system optimizing the cutting of boards, along with the control of panel saws of various types. Out offer also comprises consulting in the field of system selection and configuration, software selection and implementation (CAD/CAM training), as well as the provision of services and troubleshooting assistance.

F5 Order Manager

F5 is a unique solution for the furniture industry which makes it possible to optimally adjust a wide range of software options to individual needs of every furniture manufacturer and furniture accessories wholesale store.


F5 Optimizer

It is the first optional module but its universal nature makes it a certain “must have” for furniture manufacturers. The Optimizer makes it possible to optimize board cutting with an aid of state-of-the-art algorithms, taking into consideration net or gross processing.

F5 Postprocessor

An advanced module for larger factories used as a tool for translating the results of Optimizer work into the language of CNC machines. F5 Postprocessor means unlimited options. Our offer comprises postprocessors dedicated to machines of all leading manufacturers of panel saws on the market. 


F5 View

Let’s assume you want to use Optimizer possibilities and facilitate the work of the dim saw operator but you do not want to pay for another position of an Order Manager. Use F5 View! This module will let you display the preview of furniture parts cut from boards with F5 OM on any work centres (saws) integrated with the software. 


Production Support System


F5 Advanced Stock

If you are striving for a maximum use of boards, F5 Advanced Stock is a module created right for you. It enables you to define the conditions of usable waste which, instead of being disposed of, is again used in manufacturing as fully fledged material for optimization. 


F5 Export & Import Connect

Universality is a considerable advantage of both these modules. F5 may be treated as the main production software which will fully support the whole product creation process. 

F5 FastCut B2B

Do you want to turn into a key market player, capable of running your own distribution of standard furniture parts? FastCut B2B is a web module for cutting boards. Once you have your own website, you can enable your customers to configure standard furniture parts remotely…


F5 MES, Terminal

A module for most demanding users who strive for perfection. This is a production implementation system combined with Order Manager. It makes it possible to define work centres, to create paths from them and to reach assumed targets. 


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  • Moduł dla najbardziej wymagających i dążących do perfekcji. Jest to system realizacji produkcji sprzężony z Order Managerem. Pozwala na zdefiniowanie gniazd produkcyjnych, stworzenie z nich ścieżek i egzekwowanie założonych planów. Z MES będziesz widział jak na dłoni ile czasu zajmie pracownikowi wykonanie danego elementu, dzięki czemu precyzyjne określenie terminu wykonania artykułów to pestka. O zmianie statusów będziesz zaś informowany mailowo lub SMSem. Koniec z niespodziankami, straconym czasem i błędami w planowaniu – system pomoże zoptymalizować czas roboczy na stanowiskach, a efektem będzie szczęśliwy i zadowolony klient.

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